This is for:

  • the project manager who needs to delight and astonish their bosses / colleagues in that important meeting;
  • the established executive searching for new energy and vitality to project them forward in the looming performance review;
  • the sales rep who is hungry to explore the power of telling stories and is craves some inspiration;
  • lecturers who want to engage the whole room, from the front-seat-swots to the back-of-the-room-hall-dwellers;
  • students getting ready to share their work for review and refinement;
  • startups and entrepreneurs needing to hone their story to get that investment;
  • those who can’t ever imagine speaking to a room of people (no matter how big or small) and have a positive impact.

This is for you.

To enable you to speak and present with clarity and purpose.


Read a little more about the background of the conference here.